Between Cities July Playlist


Have I ever mentioned that I’m happiest when I’m near water? Well, now you know. And if you want to make me even happier, take me to the sea or a lake, order some sunshine and get me ice cream. I will take care of a nice playlist for us to fully relax by the water. Oh and I will cut up chilled watermelon to feast on…

Here we go: the new Between Cities July Playlist is full of great psychedelic and indie tunes, two genres that are and will be my favorites until the day I die. You’ll find some old gems by Fleetwood Mac and Jefferson Airplane, as well as new stuff by Blood Orange (one of my favorite acts at the moment) and DIIV. These tracks remind me of those amazing holidays with my parents in Italy or Argentina when I was a kid. We had fresh coconuts on the beach, my skin was salty, my hair was bleach blond and wavy and I remember not wanting to take off all those colorful friendship bracelets after we got back home. Good times!

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 – original photo by Thomas Verbruggen via unsplash -

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